Artificial Grass for
Sports Surfaces

Goal Grass®


With high performance, good elasticity and traction make artificial grass an ideal material for all kinds of sports fields. It is recognized by many world-class athletes as one of the best ground materials for reducing foot and knee injuries.

Goal Grass® products offer you high-tech and durable solutions. All of our artificial grass products are designed to provide the best surface that athletes may wish for. GOALGRASS artificial turf is a safe, durable and cost efficient solution for all your sports surfaces and fields.

Goal Grass® provides artificial turf solutions for all sports field. Application includes; artificial grass Football Pitches, Basketball Fields, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Fields, Multisport Fields, Handball Fields, Golf Courses and more.

Application Areas: Football Pitches, Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Courts, Multisport Fields, Handball Courts, Golf Courses, Hockey Fields, Baseball Fields, Rugby Fields, Cricket Fields, Running and Walking Paths, Cycle Paths.

Safe & Performance

In terms of players’ safe and performance, it was found through FIFA Tests that artificial grass is the best choice. The structure of the yarns and infill materials of artificial grass are minimizing the risk of injury of players. The performance of players on artificial grass increased by by 15-20%.

All-Weather Surface

Artificial turf shows very high durability even in extreme heat or extreme cold. Unlike natural grass fields, artificial turf pitches are not affected by adverse weather conditions. Besides being resistant to UV rays, it is also resistant to cold weather.

Low Maintenance

Compared to natural grass, which requires regular watering, fertilizing, mowing, seeding and pest control, artificial turf requires lower maintenance. It can maintain its initial appearance for years with only little regular and low cost maintenance.

Fair Play

One of the most important problems on natural grass floors is the bounce of the ball. Artificial grass can allow for more control over the pitch or the field’s consistency, as each section of the grass is manufactured to be exactly the same.
Artificial Grass

Advantages of Goal Grass®

Goal Grass® artificial turf, produced with high technology for sports field applications, has the following advantages:

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